EGIT 523: Database Management (Semester 1/2015)

(Database-Datawarehouse-Data Mining-Data Science- Big Data)

Description This course will provide overview of database system and its further extension including:
  • Database fundamental
  • Advance database design and tuning
  • Database security
  • Distributed database
  • XML
  • Datawarehouse and Data Mining
  • Introduction to data science
  • Big data architecture and analytics

[DB1]Database System: Concepts, Language, and Architecture by P. Atzeni et al.

[ORC]Oracle Database 11g SQL by J. Price.

[DB2]Data Modeling Essentials by G.C. Simsion and G.C. Witt.

[DB3]Relational Database Index Design and the Optimizers by T. Ladenmaki and M. Leach.

[XML] XML for Dummies by L. Dykes

[DW]Building the Datawarehouse by W.H. Inmon.

[DS1]Data Science for Business by F. Provost and T. Fawcett.

[DS2]Data Architecture: a Primer for the Data Scientist- Big Data, Datawarehouse and Data Vault by W.H. Inmon and D. Linstedt

Sotarat Thammaboosadee, Ph.D.
Office: R308
Line: zotarutto
Office Hours: kindly appoint

Tentative Course Schedule
Week Date Domain Lectures Materials Remark Reading
1 Saturday, 29-Aug 2015 DB Course Introduction
Introduction to Database System
2 Saturday, 05-Sep 2015 DB Cancelled- Graduation Ceremony      
3 Saturday, 12-Sep 2015 DB Database Design and Relational Model Slide02-Relational
4 Saturday, 19-Sep 2015 DB Database Querying Slide04-Querying   [DB1]-Chapter4
5 Saturday, 26-Sep 2015 DB Database Indexing and its Optimization




6 Saturday, 03-Oct 2015 DB Database Architecture and XML


7 Saturday, 10-Oct 2015   Cancelled- Wai Kru Ceremony   Assign DB and DW papers  
9 Saturday, 17-Oct 2015   EXAM      
11 Saturday, 07-Nov 2015 DW Datawarehousing and OLAP Slide09-DW
12 Saturday, 14 Nov 2015 DM Data Mining Slide11-DM    
13 Saturday, 21 Nov 2015 DS & BD Introduction to Data Science Slide12-DS
[DS1, DS2]
14 Saturday, 28 Nov 2015 (Present) Present DB & DW papers    
15 Saturday, 05 Dec 2015 BD Cancelled- King's Birthday Ceremony      
16 Saturday, 12 Dec 2015 BD Big Data Analytics & Application of Big Data Slide13-BD    
17 Saturday, 19 Dec 2015 Present DM & BD papers FINAL EXAM    


Grades will be based on points earned from examination, presentation, and attendance as follows:

Exam 30%
Presentation-1 30%
Presentation-2 30%
Attendance 10%
Total 100%